Kosher Certified by Rabbi Nechemia Rotenberg

Fine dining at the Caprice brings you the best in Kosher dining in Cyprus. Our menu follows strict Kashrut regulations and is overseen and certified by Rabbi Nechemia Rotenberg. We take great pride in providing this special and unique service to our guests.

You can book a full board at the Caprice Kosher Spa Resort. This provides you with a Kosher breakfast, lunchtime sandwiches and a buffet evening meal.

Kosher Hotel and Food in Cyprus


What is Kosher ?

‘Kosher’ is food or beverage which Jewish dietary laws allow a person to eat.

The origins of Kosher are rooted in both history and religion. The laws (Kashrut) are specific about which types of food you are allowed to eat and also about the way the food is prepared.

Keeping kosher is a commitment. It regulates what you eat and the way you prepare food and the way you use and wash your kitchen and utensils. Anyone can adopt a kosher diet and it is becoming increasingly popular within none Jewish society, as it is considered to be very nutritious, balanced and healthy.

Guest Reviews

A wonderful variety of excellent food. Something for every taste. And great to know everything has been prepared according to the Kashrut.

Sharon GottesdienerTRIPADVISOR

We’ve stayed at this hotel a number of times and have come back for a 3 week stay over the festive season. You feel relaxed as soon as you arrive. The rooms are so comfortable and homely, spotlessly clean and in immaculate condition.


Beautiful weddings in Latchi

The Caprice Spa Resort is the perfect place for an intimate wedding in the most beautiful and romantic village of Latchi.

Early Bird discounts for 2021

Take advantage of our lowest ever prices and book now for 2021. Fully refundable up to a week before your stay.